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Buy Alien Dawg Online if you smoke Alien Dawg an hour before bedtime, it may help you stay dormant due to anxiety and the meditative effect.



Buy Alien Dawg Online

Buy Alien Dawg Online This powerful species is not recommended for beginners. It produces a fantastic high that can make you incredibly relaxed but not sleepy. However, if you smoke Alien Dawg an hour before bedtime, it may help you stay dormant due to anxiety and the meditative effect. This species is a cross between Alien Technology and Chemdawg. It has its roots in Northern California and Afghanistan and offers incredible mind and body length.

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Alien Dawg is predominantly Indica-type with a THC of 17%. These seeds grow a CBD plant of 1%. Alien Dawg is related to the Chemdawg tribe with 30% sativa and 70% sativa. Alien Dawg grows into a beautiful cannabis plant with a gentle return to the harvest. It is not difficult to grow this alien Dawg seed, you will have to watch that this plant will grow, the flowering period is quite average.

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Alien Dawg has sweet, earthy, sharp, woody and spicy/spicy flavors, while the effects of alien dawg are reported as painful, uplifting, hungry, sleepy and relaxed. Alien Dawg seeds are currently not available for purchase online, we will update the information as soon as we have a seed bank selling seeds to Alien Dawg. This specific species has hints of berries in combination with the sour and pungent earthy scent that is noticeable when rubbed between the fingers. Some users describe the odor similar to sour candy. The sweet pine undertone is from Alien Tech and the sour smell comes from the Chemdawg heritage. Buy Alien Dawg Online

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The greatest benefit users have when smoking this species is the immediate emergency and feeling of euphoria. This helps the user to feel more happy and creative, as well as more social and talkative. The negative side effect of this strain is dry mouth. Because of its relaxing properties, Alien Dawg’s most important therapeutic use is for anxiety, but it also helps with nerve pain, cramps, PMS and migraine.


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